Year 9 Outdoor Education Camp

Watching the Sunset

The year 9 Outdoor Education Class got to experience their first extended experience across Monday 6 May to Wednesday 8 May. This experience is designed to showcase a range of Outdoor Activities in a semi-local environment, with opportunities for every student to be challenged, and experience something new. The students spent 6 weeks learning the basics of camp craft and developing their understanding of how to plan for an outdoor experience. They learnt the importance of shelter, correct equipment, camp cooking on a Trangia and Leave No Trace principles.

Travelling from NIHS to Chalks Campground at Mount Crawford in the Adelaide Hills the students first jumped into the world of navigation and orienteering. Students re-visited their understanding of key map features, interpreting their surrounding environment, and how to safely traverse various terrains. After completing several orienteering courses, the students guided themselves through to Rocky Paddock Campground.

Tuesday saw the students rise early to cool conditions (a ‘feels-like’ temperature close to 0 degrees). After packing for the day students decided on their route and made their way down to Warren Reservoir which was their base for the day’s activities. The groups had the opportunity to explore the area in two ways. A paddle that took students through basic kayaking skills, on-water group management, and then on to explore the lake surface and into some spectacular creek lines with an archway of eucalyptus overhead. The MTB experience allowed the exploration around the lake edge to the dam wall, students discussed the many different uses of the area and how sustainable recreation can occur. They were able to continue to develop their basic bike handling skills, learn how to change/fix a puncture and how to travel safely as a group while MTB riding. The evening saw students explore the wonderland of Rocky Paddock at sunset, scrambling over boulders and through the pine forest. Students cooked their meals on Trangia’s with varying levels of success and were treated to camp-style vanilla slices for dessert.

Rock Climbing 2

Wednesday came and it was time to leave Mt Crawford Forest and head to Morialta for a day on the cliffs above Fourth Creek. After a winding drive through the hills, we were greeted by Ms Anson and Ms Spackman to walk us through the day ahead. After being briefed about cliff safety, and getting sorted with our helmets, harnesses and climbing shoes we began the tricky journey down the decent gully. Over the day students learnt how to belay (5 steps) on a top rope climb, A to F of safety checks, and key effective communication. Each student was individually challenged and learnt to trust in their peers as they made their way higher up each climb. There is nothing quite like the moment of self-accomplishment and pride as you reach the top of the climb and look out over the city and the Morialta Gorge below.

Since returning to school students have been guided through a reflection on their experience, taking the time to understand their highlights, discussing what they did well and areas they would look to improve on their next experience.

The Year 9s are now moving into a Risk Management unit while participating in a range of indoor and outdoor climbing practicals.

Ben O’Connell

Sunset 2

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