Enrolling at NIHS

Enrolling at NIHS

Norwood International High School welcomes and provides a world class learning experience to students living within the new school zone and to siblings of continuing students. After 1 May 2023 the school’s Capacity Management Plan will be revoked by notice in the SA government gazette, to come into effect from 1 May 2023. This means the school will return to managing its enrolments, as other high demand schools do, and will be able to consider enrolment applications from families living outside the school zone, when places are available.

Families can enrol at Norwood International High School through:

  1. The Year 6-7 State-wide Transition Process
    This process is for students completing primary school transitioning to high school at the end of the year. This process is governed by the Department for Education.
  2. The Year 7-12 Enrolment
    Families of students in Years 8 to 12 (or Year 7 students who are seeking to enrol mid-year).

Norwood International High School

We are a vibrant, progressive learning community with 1700 students from diverse cultural backgrounds, located in the foothills of eastern Adelaide.