Year 6-7 Transition

The transition to secondary school is a major milestone for any Year 6 student.

Secondary School

It brings changes and new experiences in education, personal development and planning for future pathways. At Norwood International High School, we are proud to offer a wide range of subjects, programs, activities and opportunities to meet the interests and talents of your child.

Prospective families of Year 6 students may seek to enrol at Norwood International High School through the State-wide Transition Process. For children enrolled at non-government primary schools please email questions about registration of interest and enrolment to

Details of this process can be found in the Department for Education’s Starting Secondary School in 2024 website.

A summary of the enrolment process to a secondary school is as follows:

Registering interest for a government secondary school

  • Week 1, Term 2 – Families receive ‘registration of interest’ forms
    Further details about registrations forms can be found on page 8 of the Starting Secondary School brochure.
    Please contact NIHS Enrolment officer on 8364 2299 if you require assistance.
  • Week 4, Term 2 – Families submit ‘registration of interest’ forms by Friday 24 May 2024.

Enrolment offers for a government school

  • Week 3, Term 3 – Schools will send enrolment offers to families.
    Families are requested to complete enrolment forms to secure placements as soon as possible.
  • Week 1, Term 4 – NIHS will activate its 2025 waiting list for non-local students, should placements become available.

Principal’s Welcome

It is with pleasure I welcome you to the Norwood International High School community and to our Transition page for 2025 Year 7 students.

As a vibrant and inclusive school community Norwood International High School aims to develop engaged global citizens who can rise to the challenges of this fast-changing world. We champion the diversity that each student brings and value their unique skills, talents, interests and cultures. This commitment is underpinned by our core values of Community, Curiosity, Diversity and Integrity and shaped by our focus on learner agency, wellbeing and internationalism.

Enrolling your child for Year 7 in 2025

The Transition to High School process is completed centrally by the beginning of Term 3 and families should have received an online offer of enrolment to a government secondary school.
(Please check your junk mail if this has not been received.)

Norwood International High School will email letter of offer and an enrolment package by Friday 9 August 2024. This information includes:

  • A welcome letter for the parent/carer with important dates
  • A welcome letter for the student
  • An invitation to the Prospective Family School Tour
  • The online enrolment form and
  • The NIHS Admissions documentation.

Norwood International High School requires the TWO online enrolment forms to be submitted by Friday 23 August 2024 to confirm your child’s placement with us.
NB Only those families who have received a formal offer of enrolment should complete these forms.

1. The School Enrolment form

This generic enrolment form can be found via a personalised link of the email sent with your child’s offer of placement. You will need to follow instructions in the email to access the form.

2. The NIHS Admissions form

This is a secure online form that enables the school to collect additional information about our new students, including your child’s Year 7 subject selections and parental/carer’s consent for different activities and procedures. This information will assist us to effectively plan for your child’s leaning and wellbeing needs. The link to this form can be found in your welcome letter.

For additional tips on how to complete the online form, please visit or alternatively contact the school on 8364 2299.

Transition to High School

Norwood International High School is proud of its extensive transition program which has been developed to support our students and families to learn more about our school and be better prepared for starting high school. These events include a school tour, live-stream session, parent information evening, interview and a transition visit for students on Friday 6 December. Please refer to the Transition program and events section below for more information and the key dates.

I invite you to explore information below related to our school’s world-class learning experiences, our extensive curriculum offerings, and most importantly details about our uniform and information technology requirements. Please visit this page regularly for updates.

Our partnerships with families are important to us and we also encourage you to provide feedback or ask questions about transition-related processes via the link at the bottom of this page.

Once again, welcome to our school community!

We look forward to meeting you later in the year and will provide more valuable information via this webpage in term 4 to keep you informed and connected.

Amanda Walsh

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Transition Program & Events

Our 2024/2025 transition program has been designed to support our future year 7 students in their move to high school. This program includes opportunities for students and parents to connect with our school, through parent information evenings and transition events.

In addition to these events and experiences, our staff work closely with primary schools to gain information and data about all students transitioning to school. This includes students completing and presenting a ‘Transition Profile’ to their Connect Teacher. This information enables our teachers to provide personalised learning experiences for our transitioning students.

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In year 7 our students undertake the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IBMYP). This curriculum framework is designed for middle years learners, developing their capabilities and skills to experience success in education and life beyond school. Our subject offerings and courses have been developed to align to the requirements and philosophy of the IBMYP.
When beginning high school our students will be introduced to a range of new subjects providing them with a broad experience to develop their own interests and talents. Students will have the opportunity to select some of their subjects which will be completed via the NIHS Admission form (see your enrolment pack). There is also an opportunity for our students to apply for a place in one of our Special Interest Programs, details can be found below.

All year 7 students must study subjects from the eight learning areas of the IBMYP and Australian Curriculum. Students study each of the following learning areas for a full year (2 semesters) and within some learning areas there are opportunities for students to select different subjects. ​

  • English or English as an Additional Language (EAL)
  • Humanities
  • Languages
  • Mathematics​
  • Sciences

Students study one semester of a lifestyles focused subject as well as one semester from each the following learning areas:

  • Arts
  • Health & Physical Education​​​​
  • Technologies

For further information please see the NIHS Curriculum Guide

Norwood International High School international students

Required Laptop Program

Norwood International High School is committed to providing a world class learning experience that prepares our students to become active global citizens. Our learning programs and future-focused pedagogies promote innovation, challenge, and creativity through authentic connections and the integration of technologies.

At Norwood International High School (NIHS) it is an expectation that each student has access to a laptop 24/7 to enable them to fully engage in their learning.

All students new to NIHS in 2025 are required to purchase the prescribed device (see below) to enable consistency in learning, support, and the ability to charge devices at school (using school-charging stations). In addition, with the prescribed device, students and their laptops can be fully supported by our ICT Service Desk, with extensive technical support and a repair and drop-off centre.

The student device for 2025 is the LENOVO ThinkPad L13. This device must be purchased through the school’s online portal, which can be accessed here.

PLEASE NOTE: Other devices will not be supported and will not have access to the school’s internal network.

Families are strongly encouraged to order their laptop before Monday 14 October 2024 (the first day of Term 4), so the ICT Support Team can have it school ready for day 1 of 2025.

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Norwood International High School takes great pride in its uniform. All students are expected to wear their uniform appropriately at all times. We believe that the wearing of the uniform not only creates a strong sense of identity within our school and wider community, but also supports the safety and wellbeing of our students.

All middle school students (in Years 7-9) will be required to wear their sports uniform to school on the days they have their lessons or a class excursion (with a physical activity). Students in Years 10-12 are not to wear their sports uniform outside of their sports-related lesson and will need to change into their sports uniform in the school’s change-rooms for their class. Please refer to our Uniform Guidelines for more information (these guidelines are in the process of being updated to include the new items). 2023 Price List UMS is the school’s uniform supplier. Items can be ordered/purchased online at or at their uniform store.

New families: We encourage all new families to book a fitting at the UMS Firle location (161-167 Glynburn Road, Firle), phone 0431 771 260.

Please see information from UMS via this link.

Transition Profiles

Transitioning to high school can be a challenging time for students as they begin their journey at a new school. To support this transition and help our teachers know our students before they arrive, all future year 7 students will complete and present a Transition Profile. This involves students creating their own profile with information they would like our teachers to know about them as individuals and learners.

This profile will be shared during the Connecting with NIHS interview on Thursday, 5 December 2024. For further information and instructions for the task please click this link: NIHS Transition Profile Scaffold.

Welcome to Year 7

Live Streamed Student Event

The Digital Transition Session is designed specifically for 2025 year 7 students and took place at 6pm on Thursday 19 September 2024. During the session, students heard from current students and key staff who will share information about the transition to Norwood International High School.

Discover NIHS

Norwood International High School proudly presents a selection of video presentations for new families. These videos are currently branded with the Norwood Morialta High School name, however, their content accurately reflects Norwood International High School.

Parent Resources

Transition to high school is an exciting moment in a child’s life and a period of significant change. Parents and caregivers can support their child’s journey to high school in a range of ways. The resources below provide a range of strategies and expert advice to support parents and students during the transition to Norwood International High School.

Further Questions

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