Student Leadership

Empowerment Through Student Leadership

Students can apply for a range of leadership positions throughout their education at Norwood International High School. Each position has different roles and responsibilities, providing students with diverse opportunities and experience. As leaders, students will:

  • develop leadership skills and capabilities
  • provide opportunities for student agency and voice
  • work collaboratively with staff and peers to improve school culture and connectedness

Leadership Positions

Below is an overview of the various leadership roles and positions available to students at NIHS:

Connect Consultants

Connect Consultants will be the leader and representative of their Connect Class. They work in partnership with their learning community leader in strengthening year level culture and student life at NIHS. There is one Connect Consultant position available per Connect Class


Prefects are the heads and main student leaders of the school. The group of prefects work in partnership with school leadership to have a positive impact on student life and the school community. There are eight Prefect positions available for year 12 students.

House Captains

House Captains are the representatives of the NIHS house system. They play an important role in increasing student connectedness with school and the house system. There are 2 House Captain positions available at year 9 (middle school captains) and year 12 (senior school captains).

News & Events

Stay connected with the latest news and upcoming events at Norwood International High School, showcasing the achievements and vibrant activities that bring our school community to life.


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