Year 7 Camp

Rock Climbing

During week 11, our Year 7 students had the opportunity to engage in their Year 7 Camp at Woodhouse Adventure Camp in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. Although the mornings and evenings were brisk, the energy levels remained high and our students approached their challenges with positivity and enthusiasm.

The camp provided our students a range of opportunities for the development of the IBMYP Learner Profile Attributes of Risk Taking, Balance, and Caring.

Our students embraced risk-taking as they stepped outside their comfort zones and tried new activities. Whether it was tackling the creek crossing on Challenge Hill or find their way in the Labyrinth, they discovered the power of embracing new experiences.

Finding balance was another essential aspect of the camp. As our students engaged in various activities, they learned to manage their time, energy, and emotions effectively. The lessons of balance they learned during the camp will continue to benefit them in their everyday lives as they navigate academic and personal pursuits.

Caring was also at the heart of their experience. Through team-building exercises and group challenges, they learned the value of supporting and encouraging one another. Together, they created a positive and inclusive environment where everyone felt valued and cared for.

We want to express our gratitude to all the families and our school community for supporting this incredible adventure at Woodhouse Adventure Park during the Year 7 Camp. It was a transformative experience that shaped friendships, created lifelong memories, and fostered the development of essential IBMYP Learner Profile Attributes. We are proud of our students and thankful for the incredible opportunity!

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