Interdisciplinary Studies Opportunities

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During Term 4, students in Mr Pipe and Ms Johnson’s Year 8 class have been completing an interdisciplinary unit that unites several topics across the English, Humanities, Maths and Science learning areas.

Students’ learning has covered several topics, including migration, urbanisation, Earth sciences, statistics, persuasive writing, and media studies.

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The major assessment task for this interdisciplinary unit involved students investigating real-world examples of urbanisation and conducting a case study on a city which was affected by a natural disaster. They then had to use their in-class learning to design their own megacity. This design had to mitigate the impacts that natural disasters may have upon the city. Students then had to use their persuasive writing skills to explain how they would encourage immigration to their city and grow its economy.

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The hard work of the Year 8 students paid off and we saw several unique and imaginative cities created by the class. Pictured is Sebastian, Rocky, Kai, James and Milan with an amazing scale model of the megacity they digitally designed and then 3D-printed.

This interdisciplinary unit has been a huge success and has allowed students to examine the connections across all four learning areas and view them in a real-world context. We look forward to continuing to provide students with learning opportunities that unite the different aspects of their schooling journey at Norwood International High School.

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