Co-Curricular Opportunities

Out of Hours Sport

All trainings will commence in week 2, more information can be found below.

For any questions, please contact


Key Information:

  • Teams will train once per week for approx. 1 hour either before or after school.
  • Games are all played Saturday morning (between 8-11am) aside from Boy’s Volleyball which is played after school on Fridays.
  • Students are encouraged to choose only 1 sport to avoid Saturday morning clashes, this way they can fully commit to one team (exception to this is Boy’s Volleyball due to the Friday match).
  • Registrations close on Sunday 4 Feburary.

Term 1 Out of Hours Sport Registrations via this link.


You can view all information about the Out of Hours Sports Fixtures here once the Term commences.

Male only and mixed sporting teams will commence from Week 2 (Friday 9 February).

Female only sporting teams will commence from Week 3 (Saturday 17 February).


You can view all information about the Out of Hours Sports Results here once the Term commences.

Extensive range of clubs and activities

Norwood International High School offers an extensive range of co-curricular clubs and activities providing students with the opportunity to share their passions and interests whilst strengthening school culture and connectedness. Students are empowered to lead their clubs and activities with the support of a teacher and Student Life Prefect.

Clicking each club listed below will allow you to find out more information, including a club report.

Acoustic Songwriting for Everyone

A place for students who are interested in songwriting. Students may be brand new, experienced, want to share their ideas, be a mentor, seek feedback or learn a new skill.

The ‘Acoustic Song-writing for Everyone’ club is made up of students from Year 7- 10. It originally started with a very acoustic set up, using basic instruments and a mindset for writing songs. Sessions now focus on practicing one song of each member’s choosing. Some students have expressed an interest in performing to a small group of people at school!

Regardless of how far students want to push their boundaries, they are all having a great time being creative and making friends with likeminded people from a variety of year levels.

Book Club

Place for students to come together, spend time reading and discussing a range of novels of different genres.

NIHS Book Club is a club of enthusiastic readers who enjoy discussing ideas about a variety of different books we are reading.

In term two, we collectively decided on a novel to read together. Each week, we read a set number of chapters to come back to discuss every Monday Lunch Time in the Learning Hub.

Chess Club

Come and play chess in a friendly environment.

Christian Club

This is a student-initiated club that provides a space for anyone whether you have a faith or not, to discuss beliefs, perspectives, and issues about life and religion. It is a great opportunity to make friends and have meaningful discussions about life, faith, and friendship.

Please contact Mr. Cameron Wilden the schools Pastoral Care Worker if you are interested or have any queries.

Current Affairs Club

A student- run club for those who like to stay informed with the news and current affairs. You will be working towards keeping the school updated with the latest news.

Debating Club

During the Debating SA Tournament Season, allowing students to prepare, practice and get feedback on their debate materials.

At NIHS, we are involved in the Debating SA Schools Competition. In debating, we are given a topic and a “side” – either the affirmative, who agree with the topic statement, or the negative, who disagree with it – and, in teams of three, we argue our case against another school. It’s the perfect activity for learning about real world events, developing rational thinking, and learning how to present your ideas in a persuasive and logical manner.

It also teaches resilience, teamwork, and the ability to think fast on your feet! As debaters, students have found it to be a very rewarding experience: win or lose, you always learn something new and find ways to improve. You also get the opportunity to meet and work with others who are interested in debating.

Digital Media Club

A student- run club where you can enjoy digital arts for beginners. Tutorials will be provided and projects will be worked on. Bring your creativity and imaginations!

Drama Club

A student- run club for all students interested in Drama. You will have the opportunity to participate in games, improvisations and learn new skills.

Drum Corp.

Learn to play the drums in a specific style of music (Marching Drum Corp). Here, you will have the opportunity to participate in competitions.

Participants in this club have the opportunity to learn to play drums within a specific style of music – Marching Drum Corps and take part in competitions throughout the school year. A great opportunity to learn a new talent, make friends and have some fun! The Drum Corp consists of a bass drum section and snare drum section playing a solid rhythmic foundation and sense of pulse. It also has a tenor drum section, which provides the melody for the music.

The Drum Corp perform for school events such as assemblies, sports day, and has performed at the Head of the River Regatta. They also compete at the ABODA band festival every year and have been awarded numerous awards while competing against many schools across the state Rehearsals are held every Tuesday afterschool from 3:30pm till 4:45pm.

Dungeons & Dragons Club

As a player or the Dungeon Master, rollplay a campaign where the dice are the only thing between you and success or failure and your imagination is the limit.

This term, students of the dungeons and dragons club have been roleplaying their way through an underground citadel. Students have created unique characters who they play as (complete with voices in some cases) and have fought, with the aid of dice, against a variety of monsters and traps in the darkness below the chasm they find themselves in. In search of a mysterious tree known as the Gulthias tree, the party is seeking to discover its location and uncover the truth behind the dark rumours circulating its magical fruit and who or what tends to it….

The club currently has three groups of adventurers, run by our own students and staff who were trained up for the illustrious title of DM (dungeon master). These DM’s plan and run their own sessions and are doing a great job so far. Over the following weeks to months the party will continue to level up as they make their way deeper into the citadel and make friend or foe of whatever lurks within and perhaps if they make it out alive, embark on a new quest entirely… only the players and the dice can decide.

Environmental Club

Creates awareness about our surroundings, litter and recycling at school. Eventually making connections to food waste and composting.

The Environmental Club is focused on fixing unhealthy and damaging habits that affect the Earth. The main issues that the club are currently addressing are recycling paper in classrooms, and promoting a cleaner school yard, with the long-term goal of improving student knowledge of correct disposal of rubbish. This term, the team has started the process of ordering paper recycling bins for each classroom and creating awareness of the need to protect our environment.

This is being done through weekly morning Kahoot sessions. Whilst the club has made an amazing start, we are always looking to grow the club and continue to influence the school community on ways to live sustainably.

Greek Dancing Club

A club open to all students who wish to learn Greek Dancing!

International Ambassadors

This club is looking for passionate students to spread internationalism throughout the school and support international connections. You will have the opportunity to make friends from around the world!

Japanese Culture Club

Experience traditional Japanese activities like Karuta and Origami.

In this term, the members of Japanese culture club enjoyed playing with cultural toys such as Kendama and Daruma- Otoshi and had a competition how to use chopsticks. Future sessions will focus on learning how to perform the Eisa dance as taught by one of the clubs’ members.

Learning Hub Advisory Committee

Have your say in selecting new books, writing reviews for current books, and guiding the activities that take place in the Learning Hub.

Lego Club

Get creative using Lego!

Mock Trials

The Mock Trial Competition run by the Law Society of South Australia gives students the opportunity to participate in a series of simulated court cases against other schools. Students have the opportunity to take on the roles of instructing solicitors, barristers, witnesses and court officials.

Muslim Club

A club for all students to have a private area to pray zuhr namaz, by jamaat. Students will also have the opportunity to make friends and celebrate festivals such as Eid and Ramadan.

Pedal Prix

Ride pedal powered vehicles during Terms 2 and 3. Students join a team and compete in the Uni SA HPV Super Series held on closed tracks.

Please contact Mr. Ben O’Connell if you are interested.

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Pride Club

Raising awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues as well as promoting wellbeing and community through supporting each other.


Please contact Mr. Ben O’Connell or Ms. Emily Laidin if you are interested.

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Social Justice Club

This club aims to make a positive impact on social issues through raising awareness, collecting donations and organising fundraisers.

The Social Justice Club was founded by Alessia, CJ and Faith, who are three Year 7s dedicated to equity and respect amongst all humans. Meeting Monday lunchtimes in M301 (and feel free to join us!), the warriors from the Social Justice Club discuss big and small ways they can make the world a better place in a tangible way. Each meeting, their discussions are centred about diversity, inclusion, fundraising, donations, creation of safe spaces and use of inclusive language.

The club’s current project is focused on supporting Food Bank and the SJC have organised 4 purple wheelie bins to collect donations (check this out in the library, and make sure you put your donation in your House Team’s bin to earn points!). The club’s future dream projects include creating a set of posters promoting inclusivity to be displayed in all classrooms at NIHS, collecting clothing donations and working with the Red Cross to support Aussies who are sleeping rough.

Sports Stacking Club

Learn sports stacking and engage in friendly competitions.

Table Tennis Club

Come join for a social game of table tennis. All skills levels are welcome.

The Table Tennis Club got under way in Semester 1and students have been practicing each week, honing their skills. With many high-level players across all year levels, the competition and play has been a pleasure to watch. After weeks of practice, the term culminated with the beginning of our first Norwood International Singles Tournament.

We are currently in the group stage of the tournament, with students demonstrating high level play and sportsmanship. At the completion of the group stage, the top 8 students will advance to the finals stage. Exciting times for the club! In the future, the club is looking at holding a ‘Doubles Tournament’, as well as determine ongoing rankings for students. We are also looking at entering the club into a Tournament, so students can represent the school and compete against students from other schools.

Weights Club

Come workout in the Ergo room and learn the correct form for different exercises and get the chance to access equipment you might not normally access.

The Norwood weights club has successfully been running for a term now on Tuesdays and Fridays at lunchtime. There are regular dedicated members who have been making good progress on their overall fitness and strength. Many members have now learnt various different exercises and are capable of planning their own routines to perform during the gym times. This semester will be focused on continuing to develop their fitness knowledge and setting some goals to achieve by the end of the year.

News & Events

Stay connected with the latest news and upcoming events at Norwood International High School, showcasing the achievements and vibrant activities that bring our school community to life.

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